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Real Name: Lexy

Favorite Quote that I live by: "What doesn't kill me makes me stronger"

Favorite song: What it Takes by Hollywood Undead

I am a happy person; that is the reason behind the major change in everything. I haven't been out in 5 years now I am forever.

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    mumbled "New Decisions"

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    Hello fans. I completely understand that everyone has their own lives that they are living, but I also understand that some of you are kids and all that you do is go to school, come home, play games, and read or write on movellas. Due to the lack in response to my followers I am very tempted to leave movellas, permanently. I feel that my stories, my work, and my precious time is being wasted for trying to show the world what I can do, and no one cares. So if you care, comment or by the end of the month, I will no longer be on this site, and all my work that I have done will be deleted and completely removed. If you care about any of my stories you will leave a comment.
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    mumbled "EscaFlowne"

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    I have reseantly updated EscaFlowne, so I hope that you guys like it and I have changed chapter 13 Home, semi sweet home, cause it felt like it had to have more added to it. So to my followers I hope you enjoy it.
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    mumbled "New Update Choice"

    Fans I understand that I haven't been on in a good while so I give you a choice. I will be holding a voting decision, on which story that I will update first. I want to eventually update them all but my personal computer is shot at the moment so I have to borrow one so that is what I am doing now to post this mumble. Now you can chose any stories that I have published that does not have a co-author, that way I could update without have to see if the chapter is qualifies for the book but when they are my own stories then I don't have to. So please leave a comment on the book that you wish for me to update and I will do so in a few week hopefully.
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    mumbled "Dear Bullies"

    Dear bullies,
    I'm here to tell you. Enough is enough. That boy that you just made fun of because he didn't finish the homework? Yeah, he just talked someone out of committing suicide. He stayed up all night to stop a death. That girl you just called weird, called a nerd? Mhm. She tries her best to fit in. She harms herself at home because people don't accept her. That boy you just tripped - who dropped all his stuff in the hallway because of you? Oh... He's abused at home, he hurts himself. That boy you just yelled at for doing or saying something? He's socially awkward. He doesn't know how to communicate well because he lives in a terrible neighborhood where shootings are usual. That boy you just called fat? Well, he's autistic. He has autism. His sister tries her best to stop the bullies, to speak with him and get him to talk to her - but he isn't very good with such. That girl you just made fun of because of her style? Her family doesn't have that much money and is going through a hard time.
    You know that grown man you made fun of and taunted because he had scars and cried at a memorial for soldiers? Yeah? He's a veteran. He was wounded in battle in the Military. He saw his buddies die. He held his friend as he died in his arms. He fought for our country. That grown woman you taunted because she was crying? She just learned that her son was killed in battle. Her one and only son. And just recently, she lost her husband to cancer. Now she has no one.
    Moral of this? Learn the person's story. Don't make fun of them because of something they say, wear, do, or have. You never know what their story is. Oh, and for those bullies who bully to see how far you can push someone? That person could take it personally, become offended. Become hurt. Don't bully. I'm here to tell you bullies. Enough. Is. Enough.

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