• nientje
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    omg, i love your storie. first i'm dutch so if i spell anything wrong i'm sorry. and ofcourse i love to be harry's gf in your storry, who doesn't?! well i'm 15 163 cm tall i thought that is 5'4 feet. i got long brown hair, green/brown eyes. somehow people always call me cute i don't really know why. i love to draw, i'm pretty good in it but mostly i don't finnish annything. i love horse riding but i've been oparated on my spine (had scoliose) so i didn't ride anymore. i love thaking photo's. i pretty weird and i'm totally not shy but people sometimes think i'm cause i can be really quite. and i'm always nice to you as long as you're nice to me. and i love music i can listen to it for ours without doing anything else.uhm i love life cause i've been sick my hole life( got cyclise neutropenie) i think that it isn't that bad cause i see bauty in everything.

    i hope you add a new chapter soon cause i love the way you write! xx nina de kort that's my full name btw
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    Cayla Bork
    7 years ago
    thank you so much :) Since i don't want a big love story for harry in this fanfic i was actually thinking that maybe if you'll let me I can base a whole other fanfic on just you and harry. I absolutely love your story and I would love to write about it if you'll let me? and you can have a big say in the story too.
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