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I tend to update frequently which I write more on weekends, but if something comes up I can't, I have a life too including school. I also have many stories in case I don't know what to do next, I focus on something else, then I might have an idea when I come back to it! I also write on other sites, but this is my main one.

I am planning to have other sites I go on profile on here:





Just letting anyone who Reads This Know

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I will have more posts like this about various things related to the story

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  • LegendaryFever_Niderudion

    mumbled "WHAAAT Corona Virus may cause Tokyo Olympics to Cancel"

    Noooo I heard the Corona virus may cause the Tokyo Olympics to be canceled. I can't wait since it is in Tokyo. And it might show things related to anime or games. But com'on, just cause the Corona virus is in Asia. I hope it is nothing more than a rumor though.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    me too the Olympics are my mom and I watch clips from them on facebook
    Yeah, I'm extra excited about this one because of the Tokyo Olympics introduction and ending ceremonies.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    really? cool!
  • LegendaryFever_Niderudion

    mumbled "Our Language Teacher Left During August"

    And our school is so poor and lazy it could not get a new teacher until now. So basically we have a final exam and it's basically the last quarter to learn a full year of this language.

    And you know why our teacher left? Because her husband had to go to England for his job. And she accompanied him by quitting.

    But we found out last November, she was still around it the same city and students would run into her.
    So she abandoned us to be stuck with a sub who knows little of that language. But yeah we finally have a teacher, and she won't let us speak in English at all. Like we barely know any of that language.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    oh my goodness that sounds rough and exhausting I wish you the best of luck on your exam
    Yeah, I hope the teacher teaches well.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    me too
  • LegendaryFever_Niderudion

    mumbled "Let's just say I feel bad Something happened Today"


    I was freaking out, maybe nervous. Ha I feel like a character from some book, but no it came from real life. First I've been accused. Moments of stress, I had a few minutes to answer or they would leave. One word would change everything.

    Yes or No?

    I said I didn't know. Wait more like 'I...I..d-don't k-know.' But you know what the others who were with me told me. 'How do I not know? It's a yes or no question.'

    I said 'yes as a friend' and then the others told me something.
    'You know you just friend zoned them. They will probably be sad.' Then others said this 'They ask tomorrow too'

    That's just makes me feel bad. I just didn't know what today. And later someone else was like do you want to walk with me. This time I said no. Never anything like this happened before and I just feel terrible. The thing is I always tend to do things for people, I hate saying no by itself. I do say I don't know. Then we had to do this program to help prevent suicide by talking about ways to help us (It's mandatory). It was depressing. If I wasn't already, that just made it. But anyway that's just what happened today.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    its okay Im here for you
  • LegendaryFever_Niderudion
    Well if you really are tired of your current school you should go for it and if you can still contact and stay in touch maybe it will work out. For being new building you going to always go to places where you don't know where things are. You might not know anyone there, but maybe there will be nice people there. It's up to you. If you want to still be in a school with your friend and rude and mean students/teachers or start fresh with not as annoying/mean teachers. But it's up to you and I'm just giving you advice.
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    okay thanks for the feedback!!!
  • LegendaryFever_Niderudion

    mumbled "Happy Valentine's Day ❤️"

    Anyone is welcomed to share heartfelt valentine's moments. It could be heartening or sad.
    By the way, while I'm at it and since it is Valentine's day, Should I write Valentine's specials for some of my books?
    Caribbean Blue🐬
    I wish but: nope #lonely
    Karma Rose
    1 weeks ago
    No Valentine's moments, but go for it on writing holiday specials for stories! I love doing holiday bits! I even include the odd holiday scene in my novels when I get the chance. Who doesn't want just a *little* fan service now and then?
    E.A Stevens
    2 days ago
    OH hell yeah you cannot get ANY better than Gregory Peck...
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