• Nicoleminogue.99
    My name is nicole minogue calle nick for short I have dark blonde hair and big blue eyes I'm 14 I'm Irish and proud !! I play a lot of sports and I go swimming I love music and life :) my insicurities are my legs I hate my legs... I have 4 best friends georgia (she was on tell for dancing she's amazing) Christina ( she's stunning ) Clara (she's really sporty and pretty ) joy ( every bit she's passes stops and stares ) graham (he's a boy my best friend ) then there's Shane Callum and ad my life is pretty mad I have 3 sisters I live with my mum step dad and I visit my dads the weekends I hope you pick me thanks <3
    Nothing Like Us
    Nothing Like Us
    Justin Bieber was the schools "Bad Boy" but when he finds a girl he finds a side of him that he never knew about. How will JB keep his Bad Boy rep and a the same time deal with feelings he has never felt...
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