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    I hope your friends story gets better ;)
    [rare updates, sorry] When you fall in love with someone, what more can you do than to love them unconditionally even if it ends terribly? What happens if this person is your polar opposite and wrong...
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    Awwwwwww it's so sad
    Here's to Never Growing Up
    Here's to Never...
    (A Zayn Malik FanFic) I'm Maddie, I have one year to live because of my cancer. This is my diary I will write my best memories of each week. The only people that know is my parents. My best friends Katie,...
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    Omg! I just found this today and had just been reading this the whole day!!! I love it so much! I can't wait to see what'll happen! Hope you update soon :)
    The Side Effects of Love
    The Side Effects...
    Life for Scarlett Avery wasn't the easiest, or the best. Her mother was the devil and her teen years were a downward spiral of a shit show. She still deals with her problems now, but has them hidden and...
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    Damn girl! You sure can write! Just a few people can get me this emotionally invested in a book! Team Lory XD keep on updating :)
    Turning tables
    Turning tables
    Mary happened to be the best friend (and first love) of non other than Louis Tomlinson himself! They unfortunately got in a massive fight when Mary suddenly has to move to the states, and they never spoke...
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    Hope you can continue soon and find those words and make them into another amazing chapter for all your readers! I know all great writers have writers block. It's a fact ;) Write soon hun x
    Hired For Horan
    Hired For Horan
    "Why are you asking me to do this?" "You need the money, don't you?" "Yes.. Does Niall know?" "No, he doesn't. And you aren't to tell him." "What happens when the contract ends?" "You...
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