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I love reading, mostly fiction and love adventure books! Although I have a pretty open mind!
I'm studying English Literature at 6th Form at the moment, and hope this will help me in my writing. XD

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    Hey guys, sorry, but I am suffering with a severe case of writers block! Really struggling with it, so I'm taking a break from writing for a while, so I can clear my head. Prepping for uni and stuff is stressing me out far too much! ;) sorry, and thanks! love you alll! xx
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    Please update! I think you have a good idea coming on here, and I realllyyyyy want more!!! PLEASE! :D
    Fairy Tail Fic- Dark Forest Dragons
    Fairy Tail Fic-...
    Lucy is Kidnapped while on a mission with Team Natsu. ok this is a crappy summary but just give it a try k? U might like it lol
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    You have a really great story coming along here, and the characterisation is brilliant, I've gotta say! The plot is interesting and the concept is new. You could try to paragraph sometimes when you have bigger blocks of text, and maybe making the chapters a teensy bit longer would be good, but so far I really like it and can't wait for more! There are a couple of little spelling errors where you've slipped on the keyboard or something, so you might want to proof read, but it's amazing and I can't wait for you to uplod the next chapter. :) x
    A Tale of Griffins and Half-Bloods
    A Tale of Griffins...
    Being a monster is hard enough. Being a monster who needs demigods to help you is even worse. Being a monster who needs help from demigods against other monsters is living hell. And you thought being...
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    Hey guys, I'm going to be taking a little break from writing on Movellas, I have to start this story thats been nagging at my brain for MONTHS now, and it's going to take a lot of thought, research and planning to make it fit in with my head. So updates may be few and far between, but I will get back to it when my writers block raises its ugly head! :) Thanks and sorry! :(
    4 years ago
    Thanks, I might publish the first couple of chapters to see what kind of response it gets, but I'm hoping that I could actually publish this one, so can't give out too much! :) Thanks again! xx
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    Hi! I love where you're going with this, it sounds like a really interesting and unique view on a futuristic world. I'm interested to see what you write about next, however can I recommend putting in more paragraphs and breaking up your sentences a bit more? It would make it a lot easier to read visually if you started a new line every time someone spoke, and used commas when describing something every so often (but only a couple per sentence!) Also, you go into the description of your characters appearance a bit too quickly. You coudl start out more mysteriously, like "His blue scaled back shone in the mid-day sun as he crouched behind the crumbling stone wall. My emerald green feathers ruffled slightly in the breeze as I walked over to join him, wondering what he was doing in a place like this." If you see what I mean, it makes it sound more mysterious and stuff. A gradual introduction draws in a reader.
    However, I love your idea, and really really want to see how you develop it! I hope I've helped, I really don't want to put you down or anything, just give good and truthful criticism on how to improve. :) Please write more!! xx :D
    almost human
    almost human
    2014 was the end of the world. This is the new world. There is a race called HeLas they are diffrent but all want the same thing, survival. Zaira is but one of hundreds of HeLas, her friend Ailbe and her...
    5 years ago
    Thank you! That will help sooo much! And I'm glad you like it :'D it means a lot.
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