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idk i love playing soccer, eating and writing. nothing more than that.

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    mumbled "New story"

    Added the prologue to my new story, "Taming Kadence" check it out, comment what ya think! Don't forget to comment and fav, it takes 10 seconds c; love you guys!

    Picture of Kadence, she is going to be played by Barbara Palvin (:
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    love it c;
    See Through Me
    See Through Me
    Ava Jackson lives an average life. She's a happy, bubbly, beautiful girl. She's a popular cheerleader, co-caption with two best friends, Georgia Anderson and Cason Lee; but that's what she wants everyone...
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    mumbled "Sorry"

    ok guys, i know I'm like a douche for promising like 10 girls imagines about a month ago but that never happened. pls understand I wish in the hospital because I was awfully sick. pls be patient, I will have everyone's imagines up by next week. thx guys, i love you <3
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    Let me just say thank you for writing this! It was truly beautiful, and I cried (alot). 11 months ago I lost a close friend of mine and I remember at her funeral they had a slide show with a bunch of pictures and it ended with the similar quote you wrote. This was amazing, and even if it's 1 chapter long, it deserves more recognition! x
    When cancer takes you away - one direction one shot
    When cancer takes...
    It's about Harry styles, who have met a girl with cancer, and they're deeply in love. If I tell what happens besides that, then I'd ruin the story for you, and I'm not interested in that. Feel free to...
    No, let me thank YOU so much! I really appreciate your opinion! And I'm SO sorry for your lost, cancer is a horrible thing. I've lost my grandmother and best friends father to cancer as well x I don't get a lot of comments, so when wrote this, it just made my day! Ahh, thank you xxx
    When you*
    7 years ago
    Well you're welcome, this is a truly beautiful one shot. I'm sorry as well for your losses. :( xx
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