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I try to be brutally honest, upfront, direct and open to talk about anything, even in church.

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    mumbled ""so I want those huge bay windows...""

    Travelling is all I really want to do with my life, it's the priority - if I don't travel, I won't have lived the life I wanted to. As well as that, I want spend a year volunteering with different charities, because the thought of changing peoples lives, and making a differnce is something that appeals to me in a way other things can't. Second would be being an international news broadcaster, famous for my in depth and 'brutally honest' hard hitting journalistic skills, and winning at least 5 different awards for my outstanding work. Third would be having the aparment of my dreams. This apartments fluctuates constantly, as I watch different films/ TV programs/ read books, but funamentally it is always the same plan, big bay windows overlooking my part of the city {New York is the city; has been for years} with a fairly large kitchen, steps {3-4} to my bed room, and two bathrooms {an ensuit and a guest}.
    But, to tackle my first target in life, I should explain. I have been to many different countries in my short lifetime, but only as a 'tourist'. Crete {Greece}, Majorca {Spain}, Florida {America}, Turkey, Burgas {Bulgaria}, Saalbach {Austria} and Antalya {`Turkey} - each time doing the same boring things; sitting by the pool, eating the 'local' cuisine {hotel food}, checking out the 'local' towns {tourist traps} and just generally doing what English people do on holiday.
    I want to be different. I want to go to these countries, and more, and see 'REAL' towns, eat 'REAL' cuisine, and experiance the 'REAL' life of these people. Above my desk is a huge map of the world, which has all stickers of the places I want to visit, the oceans I want to swim in, the deserts I want to sweat in, and the lakes I want to take a dip in. IT's my dream on paper.
    So, next year, with 13 other pupils from my college, we are going to Thailand with the Thai Childrens Trust, and amaizng chaity which helps ophaned/disabled children. It is a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip which I couldn't miss, because it isn't like other trips. This trip will change me, change how I view the world, and change my attitude towards life completely, which in this day-and-age, which is governed by technology, is a welcomed oportunity.
    We are funraising to go on this trip and so far have a tenner between us. The trip costs £1500 and I will raise this money so my parents don't have to pay any, because that's not fair on them. I will do this, it is my challenge.