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Write random shit about you here. Seems Legit.

I don't care if your fat, skinny, a different race, ugly, pretty. You respect me. I respect you. I have 3 sides. The caring loving side. The crazy side. And the side you never wanna see out of this motherfucker. You are all beautiful in every single way.

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    Hey guys! To everyone who. Has requested I'm SO SO SO SORRY!!!! I've been so so so busy I haven't gotten around to it!!!!!!! I promise you guys I'll get them up soon!!!!!!!
    5OS/ 1D imagines and preferences
    5OS/ 1D imagines...
    Whatcha want? I'll write it. Just not smut. Sorry.
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    Name: Breanna
    Age: 11 ( Make it 18 in the imagine )
    Boy: Michael
    Hair: Curly blonde hair long
    Eyes: bright blue with a hint of white
    Personality: Bubbly, shy, kind funny, down to earth, and if you want to live don't get on my bad side. Thanks!!!!!!
    5SOS Imagines
    5SOS Imagines
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    OMFG update please!!!!!
    Adopted By 5SOS
    Adopted By 5SOS
    This is a story about a girl called Jessica Matthews , She is 17 andshe has a little brother called Daniel he is 4 soon to be 5 she want's to get one day to be adopted By someone famous will she ever getting...
    ok will do check put chapter 4
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