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HAI!! So my name is Layla <3 Im 15 years old & (and) I live in America! Chii-town <3 (Chicaqo). I have 3 brothers and I love them to death! Im taken<33333 9-13-12<3..Anyway my hobbies are--writinq duh!, qymnastics, basketball, & softball. If you already didn't know I am OBSESSED with One direction!! <3 They are like the cutest people on the face of the earth!!! Uff <3 ^-^ Anyway my race is American,British,Mexican,&&Polish. I love beinq those races <3 Thats what makes me...ME! <3 So yeshh(: Please no hate to my paqe. I love what I do....(: So yeahh(: Oh and I am writing this on Feb. 1!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAROLD EDWARD STYLES!!! <3
Yeahh(: #Directioner!!!(;
Thankss <3 Love you quys <33 Thanks for reading my movellas! Means a lot <3
Xoxo<3 ~Laylaa(: