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    mumbled "I'm SORRY note - and couple of other things "

    hello peeps! so, I just wanted to apologize to all of you, I'm really sorry I'm taking so long to update, but I really am very busy and I have so MUCH going on right now, and I have actual problems that need to be fixed, anyways, when I find a right free time I PROMISE you all, I'll publish a really long chapter and maybe double update just so you don't stay mad at me , and that will be real soon, again I'm so so so sorry please forgive me....Oh and one more thing, there were some people here sending me hateful things and asking me to remove my story because it's 'against movellas terms' but I don't care for what those people have to say or do, because I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing ... Love you guys!! and I'm sorry :* take care all xx
    Luke's Blue teddy bear
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    There is nothing wrong with ur book n they need to stop talkin also no biggy ill still be here when u fix everything see u soon
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    ugh. even though I'm a luke girl, I hate this luke. but I love the story :* good work girl ! keep writing babe xx
    Kiss me unexpected
    Kiss me unexpected
    "You can't fight against me babe" his breath was so close to my skin. His lips stroking my ear. I knew i couldn't, he was too powerful. I was attracted to him and couldnt say no. "Understood?" he asked...
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    Thanks babe! I hope you will enjoy the next chapter too! xx
    course I will,I'm sure ;)
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