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hey guise! I love to sing dance and write! I write fanfics and other movellas! and I like gummy bears! <3

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    Hey I'm shelby! I would like to fill the spot of nialls girlfriend! I have dark brown curly hair that I almost always have tied up and I have bright blue eyes and I wear glasses and I am a singer and a dancer that is very flexible and very unique! I love your story and I hope you pick me as nialls girlfriend:D
    "My name is... Ron" I said. "What kind of person names a girl Ron?" Asked the blonde one. "It's not my real name." I told them knowing they would ask what my real name was. "Well what is it then?" The...
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    I can't find book 2
    Crazy Side
    Crazy Side
    Book One. Story Complete. Of course I'd never hurt you...Please don't be afraid...Quiet now. No screaming.  Ready? Here we go...Shhh... It's gonna be okay. Today is the first day of the rest of our...
  • Nialls_Official_Wife
    I can't find book 2
    Crazy Side: Aftermath
    Crazy Side: Afterm...
    Book Three. You know the story of the kidnapping. You know the story of the escape. Now what happens when, after everything returns to normal, something unexpected happens?
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    Crazy Side: RunawayBook Two. Story Complete. It's been three weeks since we crossed the Canadian line. It's been rough but we did it. I'm helping Justin cope so we can...
    Hai Kenzie!!
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