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Hey my little ninjas! Wassup? Anyways, who got the Take Me Home CD? I did! Isn't it awesome? Ok now go read my fanfics! Bye ninjas:D

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    I would seriously love an update soon. The side video seriously made me tear up. Thanks! Lol please update :)x
    I'm Sorry Liam
    I'm Sorry Liam
    COMPLETED! When Ellie was growing up, in her teenage years, she started to become obsessed with One Direction, and her dream was to meet One Direction and to have Liam James Payne as her boyfriend. Well,...
    6 years ago
    I will now!
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    Who wants an update ma ninjas?
    Niall Horan Fanfic :)
    Niall Horan Fanfic...
    Read and find out ;) The co-author of this story is @Foreveradirectioner172. She's insanely funny and we will probaby be doing more stories together so if you like this one then read our others once we...
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    Hey guys! I'm @BradfordBadGurl and I am a proud co-author of this story and so is @I_waz_here. Please leave comments and things like that. Thanks.
    Louis Tomlinson Fanfic
    Louis Tomlinson...
    The three best friends Alexa, Sophia, and Meghan, go on a relaxing trip to a coast over in the UK and on the flight there, Meghan runs into the one and only Louis William Tomlinson. Since Meghan doesn't...
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