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im in love with one direction
im 14 from.canada
niall horan is amazingly sexy :P

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    hey could u make one for me im Rose id like it with liam and i guess for the bref summry umm like we have bin dating for a long time and we finaly decied to have sex so he wants to make sure its perfect ... thank you so much :)
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (16+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    I deleted this book so I had to start again. Same as usual, if you want one, just tell me and I'll make them for you
  • niallhoranxoxo
    rose and niall pleeees <3 ill love you forever i have dark brown hair with orenge ends im.slightly tan gray blue eyes small eyelashes pink lips im a bit chubby but not really im 5'3 i think that should be enough but yeah pritty plees
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    This is a One Direction Imagine book and if you want an imagine with one of the boys just put your name and one of the boys name.
  • niallhoranxoxo
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    can u make one for Rose and niall im 14 i have gray blue eyes midum brown hair the ends are purple im 5"3 i play geataur and sing kinda :P thankx
    One Direction Imagines!!! :) x (ON HOLD SORRY) x
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    Okay, so I got bored guys, so I'm going to do imagines for anyone that's wants one, just simply comment and request by telling me; Full name Age Which boy And maybe looks depends what information...
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    Sure, I've just uploaded it I hope you like it, just let me no if there is any problems with it and I will fix it. Thank you for the request it really helps the support for my writing and I love to write, so its a pleasure to write you an Imagine. Hope you like it Enjoy and Thanks again :) x
  • niallhoranxoxo
    can you do.one for Rose and Niall anddd can they be dating thankyouuuu :)
    One direction Imagines
    One direction Imag...
    One direction imagines, I take request just comment your name, what guy and if you want to be dating him, best friend or what.
  • niallhoranxoxo
    rose and niall plees and can you make niall really forcefull plees thanks :)
    One Direction Sexual Stories (16+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Just Leave what member you want and your name and maybe the situation you want to be In with the boy of your choice or make boys I will write your request as soon as I can
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