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Come as you are, because you are a superstar ��
Those five boys are my inspiration, but you guys are my inspiration
it means so much to me, to be able to write a story that you guys enjoy. Keep reading and I love you all me special little snowflakes :) xxx

  • HotSauceHoran

    mumbled "FIND ME "

    Hey guys....

    So it seems weird but i've really been into Captain America and Marvel fanfic at the mo so i decided to write my own.
    I've entered one into the Fanfiction Royale competition so if anybody wants to check it out and let me know what they think, that would be great.

    Thanks guysssss xx
  • HotSauceHoran

    mumbled "new story...."

    right so on a collab account i started a story called pinky promises. However i never finished it and no longer go on that account. so therefore i am going to rewrite it on here. Hope you enjoy

  • HotSauceHoran

    mumbled "heyyy"

    so i think it's fair to say that i havent been on here in like ages. I feel really bad about this bc like there's stories i should be finishing

    but due to school being a bitch i have so little time!

    so i had an idea..........

    i'm going to only focus on one story from now on and i need your help choosing one...

    So should i carry on a story (if so which one), rewrite one (again whixh one) or shall i start from scratch with a new one (what should it be about)

    Whoever helps me choose will become a character in my story and will be able to tell me anything they think should be added.

    thanks and again sorry it's been so long!

    nixie xo
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