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Just because you don't have a boyfriend it DOSENT mean your weak it means your strong enough to wait for what you deserve~niall horan

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    Omg omg I totally freaked when I saw that I was put in the anon part I was like omg OMG omg what is air and your fanfic is awesome I love it and how you talk to one direction that is very creative and thank you for saying I have a colorful username
    Harry Styles' one of the biggest heartthrobs on campus,- including Louis Tomlinson,- but he's never had any feelings for any of the girls who so desperately want him. He's only ever wanted Louis, and Louis...
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    Seriously?! Glad I can stir that kind of emotion in you! XDD

    Thank you so incredibly much!! It's so humbling to have people who honestly enjoy my fanfic as much as you!! *huggles* Oh, thank you! I can't take credit for that though b/c I have a friend who does the "talking-with-characters-A/N's" in her anime/manga fanfiction. I loved it so I stole it! XD

    And you're welcome...! ;P Haha!
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    Twisted (Sequel to Without You)
    Twisted (Sequel...
    SEQUEL to Without You! Zayn Malik was just getting back on his feet, he was just accepting the fate that had happened to him and the one he loved Niall Horan. He had moved on, yes it was with a bad person,...
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