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    Update !!
    Sex is the game, pleasure is the aim +16
    Sex is the game,...
    Harry and Isabella have had a no strings attached relationship going for about three months now. Everybody but Harry and Bella think that they are a genuine couple including the fans and the boys. Bella...
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    I thought the girl was called ally ??
    The game ➳ n.n
    The game ➳ n.n
    Niall Horan, the blonde Irish jerk of Westside Collage. He's your typical player looking for pleasure, not caring of the girls hearts. He cares about nothing, nothing but sex, party, himself and his little...
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    I can't believe she was cut out !! I would of at least thought she would've gone to hospital or something !!!! Not die straight away omg ! Plz update tho asap !
    How could we forget? (sequel to being Luke Hemmings little sister)
    How could we forge...
    After Emma died, we could never forget. We walked in. She was on the floor, her eyes shot open, pills scattered over the floor. There was a note beside her. We all shed a tear when we read it.
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    Omg !!!!! That was such a plot twist ! What's the sequel called ??
    Being Luke Hemmings little sister.
    Being Luke Hemming...
    Emma is a normal 16 girl, well sorta normal. Emma is Luke Hemmings little sister. Her brothers in the world second biggest band and they tour with One Direction the worlds most biggest band exact. She...
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    How could we forget? and i like plot twists haha
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    She shld ignore her ...
    Love at first sight
    Love at first sigh...
    Skylar is a shy, insecure girl... & she loves Niall Horan. When they met, will it be Love At first sight ?
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