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hi my name is rebecca i love one direction they are my everything i am a nialls girl 5SOS are amazing i am irsh <3 i love eminem people say i am a mix of people i can turn from really girly girl to a dark does not want to take to anybody kind of girl well i hope ye like my fanfictions thanksss xxx <3

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    o my god aurea this is amazing <3 x
    Summer Love (One Direction FanFic)
    Summer Love (One...
    Danaka is your normal 14 yr old girl, She goes to school has good grades and lots of friends but with the summer comming is everything going to change ??
    7 years ago
    hehe thnkx :) on dis my name is azzie :P cuz dats my nickname ;)
    haha no prob .ok azzie :) i just seen a lad that look like liam i screamed he turn'd around and asked me if i was ok i told him that he looked like liam and he laughed in my face stupid prick then he goes you such a sweet little girl :(
    7 years ago
    bbahahahahah LOLOLOLOLO
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