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Loving 1D.

Let's go crazy crazy crazy and stay up all night :)

  • Niall Is Lush
    Thank you for all the lovely comments! will update as soon as i can :)
    Too Close ~ (One Direction Not Famous)
    Too Close ~ (One...
    Sophie and Niall have been best friends for years. But at the start of year 11, Sophie sees something different in him. Not only must Sophie cope with her own runaway feelings but she also has to try to...
  • Niall Is Lush
    Ahh i love this!! please write more :D
    Forever Young
    Forever Young
    They're best friends, always have been. But she has secrets that she hides underneath long sleeved sweaters. She has secrets that she hides behind back handed comments and the six strings of her guitar....
    Lucy Wolf
    7 years ago
    thank you thank you and of course I will :) x
  • Niall Is Lush

    mumbled "My Fanfic"

    Sorry for the delay in updating! i was mega ill last week so didn't have the chance to write. Anyways new part is up and i will try do more tomorrow!

    Also any comments would be much appreciated :D
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