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Hi there! My name is Rose and I'm a girl from the Netherlands. I like writing, music, Disney movies, reading, Rachel Macwhirter, Criminal Minds, Italian food, Harry Potter, candles, Capital Lights, chocolate, cats, dreamcatchers, strawberries, pears, All Time Low, fog, Hollywood Undead, Venetian masks, The Hunger Games, Nutella, flocks of birds, the smell of books, Johnny Depp, fanfiction, evil plans, autumn, the color blue, the color silver, We The Kings, feathers, internet, Bones*, Cornelia Funke, sarcasm, libraries, Imagine Dragons, spiders, snakes, guitars, my iPod, idiocy, psychology, English, TaTu, Russia, weekends, ice cream, forests, research, late nights, The Ready Set, hyacinths, sunflowers, cinnamon, Quizlet.nl, discussions, Owl City, Game of Thrones, mythology and pancakes. And lists. Lists are good.

*The TV-show, not the white things your skeleton is made of.

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