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Hello people of planet Earth! My name is Leonely. I know many won't know how to pronounce my name so here it is. (Leo-Nely) >~< I love to read all sorts of Fan Fiction so lets see if everything that i have read can serve as guide lines for my writing. Um.... I'm 15 years old..... and i love to live life to its fullest. my imagination is something else. So if you want to read interesting creative things, i'm here for ya. Well ByE nOw! Love Ya!

TaLk To mE....

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    mumbled "new story"

    started a new story hopefully more interesting to you people ... i think so .... now i have two stories ... so im gonna try my best to keep up with the both of them
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    mumbled "writers block"

    minor case of writers block right now. so I won't be posting another chapter until tomorro. I wrote a part of chapter 5 hopefully i will be done tomorro. So my lovely readers can continue reading. well good night lovelies :D Love ya'll
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    mumbled "thank you"

    thank you to the people that have read my fan fiction so far! I love you very much! If you like my story pass the word so i can get more reads please. If you like it please like <3 bye good night ! Love you
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