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Hi, well, I'm a student from Indiana, and I'm currently studying in Libya. I like adventure, tragedy, dystopian, comedy (duh) and some love stories. You'll be hearing a lot from me from now on!

  • Nelle Viola
    7 years agoReply
    Um, can someone help? I tried to enter the competition, but I can't find my movella under the participants page. And when I search for it, I can't find it. Can someone help????? PLEASE? How do I join?
    A.J. Bloom
    7 years ago
    once you've made your movella, go back to this page and join the competition again. you can then click on your movella to add it to the competition properly. xx
    L. L. Lovecraft
    7 years ago
    make sure you click the green button at the top to enter, then you should see your movella and all you have to do it click 'join' :) good luck in the competition! :)
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