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I am ten years old and like to play football,write,read and draw!

  • natoli
    6 years agoReply
    great opening chapter to a story!!! you had me hooked from the start! I love it!!
    Didn't Expect Any of This
    Didn't Expect Any...
    A town tragedy has a group of long time bestfriends leave everything behind; in hopes of making the time they have left on this earth count. The longer the trip takes, the more difficult it is to convince...
    6 years ago
    haha thank you!! I really wanted that reaction!

    please tell EVERYONE to read this!! It would mean sooooooo much!
    THANKS LOVE! :)) <33
  • natoli
    6 years agoReply
    amazing!!! simply outstanding!!! I am a huge fan of the hunger games!!! a like and a favourite from me! I like how you didn't go for district 12 and chose a whole different district instead!! loved it!!! now I'm a huge fan!!!


    please could you take a look at my latest movella : The book of debates
    The First Games
    The First Games
  • natoli
    7 years agoReply
    This is my energy for the bully competition !!! :D

    Please like if u like! Hope to be writing more Movellas soon!

    Rising up
    Rising up
    I'm Billy Jones, my life isn't the best right now, but I know I have got to stick up for myself before it's too late! If they find this I run…
    7 years ago
    That was meant to say entry not energy!
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