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This is the profile of a young girl.
She is deeply in love with Louis Tomlinson, and Andrew Garfield.
She dreams of being a dancer, and living in New York.
Demi Lovato and Simple Plan saved her life.
Her name, you ask?
Her name is Natasha. And this is her, trying to find her place in this world.

Twitter: @NatashAnnika

P.S. Happy holidays, and I hope you get everything you want on christmas! :)

  • Natasha Tomlinson

    mumbled "Why I love Louis Tomlinson"

    Louis, is just perfection. He's smart, sexy, hot, nice, great with kids, he can sing, he can dance, he can act, he's funny, and has such amazing jokes. I love his smile, personality, hair, eyes,<3<3<3 My life hasn;t been too great, but Louis makes it better just by smiling. I lvoe him so much, I- I cant even breathe sometimes.. !!
  • Natasha Tomlinson
    Put me on there please<3<3<3
    Any form of bullying can lead to serious consequences. Cyber bullying is one of the worst form(s) of bullying. Suicide is the most common. Death is no joke. I've lost two (now three) of my best friends...
  • Natasha Tomlinson

    mumbled "I'm new :)"

    So i'm new to this site. I just joined today. So, is there a place where friends can chat? Can you like, send people messages? How do you get more fans?
  • Natasha Tomlinson
    Natasha and Louis please<3<3<3
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (15+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Sexual One Shots on all the boys:) 15 and above due to the sexual frustrations. All the one shots in this movella do not belong to me, they belong to the tumblr blog > 1dsexualfrustrations.tumblr.com
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