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~Used to be Lunar_Mazerunner~

~Twenty One Pilots and P!ATD~

I am addicted to reading...*picks up a book, reads for an hour* Oh sorry what were we talking about? Oh yeah now I remember...

I call all my followers Rainbow Sprinkles because I LOVE sprinkles and I love my followers so I am probably going to thank you a million times if you follow me...so just hit that little button and make it be so

<<Now a few quotes>>

"You foul, loathsome, evil, little, cockroach!" ~Hermione Granger

"I finally have a guy who's interested in me and he's struck by lightning, ends up in a coma. Typical." ~Felicity Smoak

"Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey...Stuff" ~The Doctor

"Here comes the smolder." ~Flynn Ryder

So all of my friends and I are OBSESSED with Supernatural sooooooo if you like supernatural you should join along our fandom train....

Guardians of The Galaxy?
Guardians of the Galaxy.

I am not the only one that ships Sherlock Holmes with John Watson. Come on, they were made for each other <3

Anyway now that you know who I am please do not be afraid...I come in many MANY fandoms....

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    Hey Rainbow Sprinkles, sorry that I have been gone for so long. School has consumed me but I am trying to write a story for the heartbreak competition so at the moment I am writing a book called Heartline and I posted chapter one and chapter two so if you want to check that out that would be awesome! I miss being on here and writing so I will try to appear more often. By the way, thank you for not unfollowing me even though I haven't been on here in forever. I love you all and you are all amazing.
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    I did it I wrote a new chapter for Abandon and I just published it so if any of my Rainbow Sprinkles want to give that a look that would be amazing although it is very late right now where I am so I am going to get some rest goodnight everyone
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    Hooray I came back to Movellas and i'm actually writing and it's never been more fun to sit in my room listening to music I am so excited to share a new chapter of Abandon with my Rainbow Sprinkles I will probably post it late tonight and i'm sorry i'm never on Movellas to write
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