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So I'm just a typical teenage girl with dreams and blah blah
The Vamps
Yeah, follow for a follow and I love all you that are fans or just reading my work!! please please don't be a ghost reader aswell!! XXxx

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    hiy guys, so basically, my story is all stupid right now as i dont have my laptop and my phone cant support the movellas thingie, my story is gonna take forever to sort out!!
    Please stay with me tho, thanks for the reads xxx
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    Bullying is something that no person should have to go through. The emotional trauma the you have to go through is just disgusting and it can really damage people! They just want a reaction and to be honest I think that they're low lifed ************** (@MrsHyles)
    Stop Bullying, Speak Up!!
    Stop Bullying, Spe...
    To get your name put on the petition, see details in the first chapter. Help stomp out bullying!!
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    Haii guys, sorry to those of you reading it, but I've decided to delete wounded souls. Don't worry tho as I'll be posting it again in the future. If you really want to read it it's on Wattpad, but there's a twist. I'm doing a prequel (Before our souls where wounded) so yeah, I'm sorry. But please go check out the prequel on Wattpad, even if you don't have an account. Love ya'll xx
    It's on here now so we're happy!
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    heya guys, if your reading my book, PLEASE dont be a ghost reader, comment and like so ik what u thinka gonna happen etc etc thanks xxxx
    Wounded Souls
    Wounded Souls
    Mia Clarke. Laura Clarkes' great great great grandmother. She lived in the 1800's. Mia Clarke was not a very wealthy woman,in fact she was so poo that she couldn't even stitch things back together. So...
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