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I'm dah real Mrs. Styles
I'm proud to live in LA cuz who isn't proud to live in LA
I have an obsession with One Direction, 5SOS, Austin Mahone, and Ed Sheeran, maybe you've heard of them.
Thanks for reading my stories
It means a lot to me.

Twitter: @_claradirection

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    Name: Clara

    Looks : dark to light brown ombre hair hazel eyes
    I'm like 5'4" 5'5"
    Boy: Harry
    How long: whatever is easiest for you 15-20 min maybe ???
    Topic: romantic 2 year anniversary something that makes your heart melt ?
    Sorry I'm not good with words
    You can do it whenever thank you so much ! <3
    And can I just say I love all your books and you're such a good writer!
    Imagines. << (1D 5SOS)
    Imagines. << (1D...
    Welcome to the world of imagines and fan girls..
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    Guys I'm not updating until I get 1 more like so yeah
    My Brother's Band
    My Brother's Band
    Hi, I'm Scarlet Styles. Harry's little sister. I was bullied growing up, and that wasn't always the easiest thing. The only person who understood me was Harry. He had to leave to go on tour with his stupid...
    Can you update now? I liked it
    5 years ago
    Aw thanks but I'll update later in the week sorry I love you tho
    Aww.... ): okay *sings as long as you love me by Justin Beiber* As long as you l-l-l l-l-l-l love me.

    My mom has that song on her phone and I have no idea why but he sounds like porky the pig
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    Omfg I need a update before I die
    Just For Us | h.s
    Just For Us | h.s
    [3] "You lied to me; and that's not okay." I tell her. "We don't keep things from each other, Alex. I've lost everything, you're all I have right now." I feel numb. "You were all I had."
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    Katey are you serious ?!!!
    Back together
    Back together
    Katey has been friends with Liam Payne for almost forever!! I helped him audition for the X factor and haven't seen him since. My friends Sammy, Clara, Kaitlyn and I are excited to see him again plus his...
    I'm not serious I'm katey
    5 years ago
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    Oh my God this was the saddest and best fan fiction I have ever read. I love the way you write and Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artists and the song at the end is so sad but amazing and I was literally crying the whole time. So I better shut up now and read the sequel #RIPHTU
    Here's To Us || h.s [Completed]
    Here's To Us ||...
    [1] "I swear Adelaine, if you tell her, or anyone, I would hurt you so much more than I ever had." He growled. "You see Harry, that's the thing, you never hurt me." I smirked. © Copyright 2014. All...
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