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I love Curly Fries.... hence the name.... Anywho, I love to read but I'm not that great at writing so I hope you like my new story "Diana"! ***FIRST STORY*** So yah, PLEASE NO HATE!!! Lol love ya's!

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    Um what in the world happened to the website... I have been going crazy trying to figure this out. How do u search or look at ur fave authors UG im so confused PLZ help
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    Please update it's really really good!!! I'm like in aw it's so good lol XD
    Skype → c.h.
    Skype → c.h.
    [Book 1 of the Social Media Series] “Hello? Is this Kelsey?” “Who’s asking?” “Funny how you were the one that told me to skype you and you don't even know who I am. I'll give you a hint, starts with C,...
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    Update plz
    Heartache On the Big Screen
    Heartache On the...
    This is a story about two girls (Vanessa and Alexandria) who have a Youtube channel for their "band" called 13 Ways. These girls do covers and a lot of people like them, including four boys from a band...
    5 years ago
    Soon babe soon.
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