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Hello!! I love 1D! I love writing. Please check out my movellas! By the way, my favorite is the sexy Zayn Malik!

1- My name is Yasmin!
2- Im Muslim!
3- Im 15!
4-None of my friends are directionators!
5-Im a total directioner!
6-I really want to go to Nandos!

  • Mrs.Malik!!!!!

    mumbled "My Bully From Bradford+My Baby From Bradford/Lin"

    In both of my books there is always this annoying girly named Lin who is Zayn's ex so I want to show how she looked! Just imagine her with ocean blue eyes!
  • Mrs.Malik!!!!!

    mumbled "My Baby From Bradford"

    Well, Well, Well! I hope you guys are excited for my sequel! Well I think you guys know the title! It's My Baby From Bradford! I'm starting it this second! I've been planning it out ever since I made My Bully From Bradford! That's it!
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