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Lately struggling with a relationship.����

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    Hey so there is gonna be a new story that is concerning suicide! It may seem bad already just from me writing that but listen to this. My friend dan came over to me and we have this class called connections (you meet with a certain teacher and meet new peeps) so he told me a heartbreaking story! He said that a girl who is friends with him came up to him and said can i show you something. So dan went with her and she showed him her wrist and it was cut!!!�� We are both very concerned and then my friend told me that he used to cut too! If you know anybody who is cutting tell a trustworthy adult please!!!!
  • kellin_quinn_luv
    Hey so u might have seen that i have a new book and that there is nothing there i think i might start tonight but im a huge procrastinator and i just got my homework finished so i will see how far i can get thanks for the support! ��☺��
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