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Heya,you know my name..Molly...
Age?:17 since 2 months ago,forgot to change it,sorry
Boyfriend?????: SINGLE!!I know it's sad.
From?: Ireland
Accent???: Have none,people think I'm american,british and county Irish
Personalty: Funny,good at speaking..OUT LOUD!
Love:Red hot chili peppers,linkin park,30 seconds to mars,Art,drawing,singing,dancing,taking photo's with my camera,writing(duh)..MANGA,I draw it!!
Hate:1D,sorry 1D fans,bullies,sluts and stupid people who don't realise what they are saying.
I love fantasy and magic books,just like Buffy the vampire slayer..oh,if there is a fan of that show out there..WHY DID BUFFY HAVE TO DIE??????????

I'm on Facebook by the way and I don't normally talk like this. Twitter too,Youtube,yes and of course Wattpad.

Books that are going to be written in the future:

1)The walking dead(sequal to 'The world between this world and the other)
3)May I have this dance?
4)Can I have this dance?
5)Touch 2;Fire
6)Touch 3;Earth
7)Touch 4;Air
8)The Heart:Molly
9)The disappearance of Molly Cronin
10)The return of Myra
11)Losto Island
12)Losto Island 2

The backround is me with a real OSTRICH EGG,I'm serious.I never pretend, always,I mean ALWAYS!

I'm serious about my books,school is important as much as my writing and my books...DO NOT ARGUE!!! And don't annoy me 'cause I get really angry..I'm warning ye all now,so don't!


p.s.If you fan me,I will fan you back..then we're even ;) I like Justin, Bieber he's amazing singer and I would chat to him any day without losing my voice from screaming(which will never happen,I'm on about the screaming!)

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