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I am a girl
who loves One Direction
Little Mix
Ariana Grande
Ed Sheeran
And other various artists
i ship Zerrie, Payzer and Elounor to the moon and back
Eleanor studies Politics in uni and she tells me about it and its really attractive~Louis:')

She's got really curly hair, And beautiful eyes~Liam:')

I really believe that saying, 'Behind every an there is a successful woman' And she's amazing~ Zayn:')

I love music and quotes<3

All the boys that loose are Directioners are so stupid, They will never find more beautiful girls~ Niall Horan

There comes a day where you realize turning the page was the best feeling in the world, because then you realize there is much more to life then the page you were stuck on~ Zayn Malik

if the only way i can be with you is in my dreams, Don't wake me up~ Harry Styles

The girls are the same al over the world aren't they? THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL~Liam Payne

Live Live for the moment, because everything else is uncertain~ Louis Tomlinson

The thing that's good, Is we are all different so every girl can relate to one or other of us~Perrie Edwards

I don't think there is anyting worse, Than being ordinary~Jade Thirlwall

your insecurities are what make you beautiful, And make you who you are. If everyone looked the same it would be boring~ Jesy Nelson

You know you have made it, When you have a doll of yourself~ Leigh Anne Pinnock

Everything will be okay in the end, If its not okay, then its not the end~Ed Sheeran
(Kinda live by that quote)

Don't ever waste a moment of your life, Its too short, And your too special~ Ariana Grande

"Gus BUS!!~ 5SOS

so yeah:)

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    Heloooo! Just mumbling to say i am finished my first book, And starting on the second:D it would mean a lot if yous could read them, than you:D
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    Quarter of a thousand reads of 'Nobody Compares To You' Wut! Thank you sooo much! IL try to update often:)) loveee
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    heyo:) just saying that i have had so much fun writing this fanfic and will continue to, but if im not on in the next couple of weeks, its because i have exams coming up and i have to studdy-.- but i will be on all summer longgg! and i wil have more stories then:) can't wait! love yous:) x
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    Pleas read my FanFic so far 'Nobody Compares to You' :) and tell me what you think thanks:) x