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❝ ι αм eɴтιrely мαde oғ ғlαwѕ, ѕтιcнed тoɢeтнer wιтн ɢood ιɴтeɴтιoɴѕ❞

  • missxjasmine

    mumbled "freedom"

    (i wanted to turn this into some kind of poem but i can't find the words....or the time)

    they say that you need oxygen to live
    but i think lungs need freedom as much as they need air
    mine are starved of that at the moment
    my heart is suffocated from this broken now
    and all i can do is wait as someone else takes the wheel on my reality
    driving me along a road i don't want go down
    as i cling on to the distant hope that my destination is a better place
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