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ρнιℓ ∂α мσиκαʏ

ιм α вσσκωσям
∂ɛαℓ ωιтн ιт
σя ғαcɛ тнɛ ωяαтн σғ
ρнιℓ ∂α мσиκαʏ
нɛ'ƨ α мσиκαʏ
ɢɛт тнɛ ι∂ɛα?
нɛ'ƨ ωαтcнιи ʏα
яιɢнт иσω ƨσ ʏσʋ вɛттɛя READ MY MOVELLAS

  • _missbookworm_
    You should like... SERIOUSLY update this. Imma dying of suspense! :))
    My Name Is –
    My Name Is –
    This was originally for the Valentine's Day competition. The information said to write about love, so I did. My character is 'Love', who stopped believing in itself long ago. Edit: Oh my goodyness!...
  • _missbookworm_

    mumbled "UPDATE! :)"

    Writing like crazy right now - coz I'm sick - so you might expect a new Movella by the end of today! Yay! And also, I'm giving up on my other three stories because - let's face it - they were going nowhere. So hold onto your hats a bit longer, coz there's a new story coming your way!

    ~ _missbookworm_ ~
  • _missbookworm_
    Updateeee!! Luv it so freakin much!! <3
    Truly, Madly Deeply
    Truly, Madly Deepl...
    'I hate you Harry Styles...' 2 years after finishing school and being tormented by Harry Styles, Ellie Laker finally gets accepted into a presigious performing arts academy in London. This was everything...
  • _missbookworm_
    UPDATE! JUST FRICKIN... GAH!!! Suspense!!
    The loser and the Bully
    The loser and the...
    Crystal a.k.a The Loser is well... a loser. She can't walk through the hallway without being tripped. Everybody laughs about what a geek she is and her worst enemy is Sarah, the school's popular girl...
  • _missbookworm_
    I might do The Hunger Games crossed with Divergent and The Mortal Instruments, sounds good?
    6 years ago
    Sounds freaking awesome by the way MORTAL INSTRUMENTS COMING THIS SUMMER TO THEATERS!!!
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