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Hello! I suck at these things......

I'm Mind if I change? Sorry, don't like giving out my real name. I'll read anything you want me to! Just comment on one of my stories.

Please read my movellas! I put a lot of time to them. Fanning, liking, favoriting, and commenting are 100% up to you. I won't ask you to do any of that, I'd just really like you to read them!

  • Mind if I Change?

    New Chapters?

    I wrote a new chapter for my movella but every time I publish it it deletes the spacing between paragraphs and changes all the quotation marks to "

    Someone help please!
    6 years ago
    Wow, that's crazy. May I ask where you're updating from?
    Mind if I Change?
    Yeah I'm using Safari on my iPad
  • Mind if I Change?

    New...Sort of.

    I wouldn't say I'm "new" here. I've had a movellas account for a while. I've always been just a reader though. Today I posted my first movella! It's called "Sixteen and..What?"

    If anyone would like to read it, that would be great! Feedback is nice also, but I understand some people don't have time for that! (: Thanks everyone!
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