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I'm not too sure what to write here so... hey.
I love almost anything about books, so writing is right up my alley, I guess.
Well, first, some stuff about me... As I said (well, wrote) I love reading and books &c.*. And I know how to ride a skateboard minus the cool tricks at the skate park.Obsesssed with typewriters and am constantly begging my mum to let me buy one and I'm not sure what her problem is because it'd be my money. Uhh, what else do I like? Oh, I quite unobviously despise of my wretched English teacher who thinks that writing procrastinatingly** is a form of humour. I can happily state that I am not a directioner.

Uhm, let's see, what next? I like Writing and reading Fantasy and Crime Fiction. I think my writing can be a little inconsistent depending on how I'm thinking at that moment. I'm reading The Great Gatsby at the moment and quite enjoying the style of writng. Oh and I was never quite fond of Harry Potter and thought even less of The Fault in Our Stars.

Well, anyway, you can call me Milly I guess.

  • Miljabubba
    2 years agoReply
    reread this since the last couple of chapters. I honestly forgot how much I loved this, still do
    please keep it up :)
    //He had a smile on his face like the climax of a novel, and his kisses were the chorus to a treasured favourite song.\\ Benedict has lived six months in a ragged half existence, torn apart after his...
  • Miljabubba
    5 years agoReply
    This dedication is to two awesome friends who read through my chapters one by one and insisted on telling me "keep going, I want to know what happens next!"
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