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Number 1: I am a shadow
Number 2: I take forever to write Movellas
Number 3: I love Roleplay
Number 4: I love Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4)
Number 5: RWBY fan
Number 6: No bullying on my page or I will feed you to the tv
Number 7: I am handsome...ish
Number 8: I love sushi
Number 9: Don't mess with my cabbage,tv,or waffles
Number 10: You can call me Adachi-Senpai or Adachi-San if you like
Number 11: I will take mean or rude comments on my Movellas but I won't take the straight up harsh ones.
Number 12: My Persona Card is the Reverse Fool.
Number 13: My Persona is Magatsu Izanagi
Number 14: I love animation
Number 15: This is number 15
Number 16: We don't talk about Fight Club...
Number 17: I like movies
Number 18: I like music
Number 20: Favorite song: Pompeii by Bastille
Number 21: 9+10
Number 22: I love Neapolitan from RWBY
Number 23: WHAT ARE THOSE?! *points at your shoes*
Number 24: Who wants to talk about murders?!