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So, um, hi. I'm MiDnIgHtBiTe (because I love putting together to words that I love and making it into one super-word with weird cap locks stuff, but that's getting off the subject...)
I love writing, drawing, being weird, hanging out with my friends (sort of) etc.

Warning: I can't spell. I really can't.

(From books, manga/anime and films)
My favorite characters are:

- Alice (Twilight Saga)
- Jacob<3 (Twilight Saga)
- Seb (Angel Trilogy)
- L (Death Note)
- Rem (Death Note)
- Mello <3 (Death Note)
- Naruto (Naruto...)
- Anko Mittarashi (Naruto)
- Eponine (Les Miserables)
- That girl shinigami, person thing...(Bleach...)

And many more, that I can't really remember...

Jehan's Muse, MidKinight, and Writting for Shire, and Love2Write, all very awesome people :)

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    I have depersonalisation disorder (I get derealisation aswell), and my name is literally Elii. I don't know if this is fictional or not, but I'm happy I've found someone who understands it.
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    “Do you this is all there is to life? I don’t. I don’t think this is real.”
    4 years ago
    I'm really glad you like this - it is fictional, but if you find anything that's inaccurate or false please correct me on it :)
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    extra tip: focus less on replacing the word 'said' because it usually goes unnoticed. What the writer should focus on is the actual words of the character. Make every line mean something.
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    Alright, here's some information you might need for writing your Movellas :) It makes me sad when I see all these grammatical and spelling errors, so I'm here to help!!
    L. L. Lovecraft
    5 years ago
    Good tip! (: Although, when 'said' does get used too often, it can make the story repetitive and uninteresting to a point where the reader just skips over the dialogue to avoid having to repeat over 'said'. But, as you stated above, what the character is saying is EXTREMELY important! Dialogue is the writer's chance to attempt to make a connection between the reader and the character.
    Pay attention to both of these aspects when creating dialogue because you need a balance of both to fully engage a reader and complete an amazing story.
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    I feel that this is based a lot on stereotypes of what females are like. Like you said "One HUGE thing that connects us all together that makes us the same", if it isn't our physical body, what is it? The fact that we're girls? I am female because of my body, that is it.
    And, as for the second chapter; girls being nervous towards their crush. This is can be with either gender, and no, not every girls dream is to be in a "Edward and Bella relationship" this is a huge stereotype. I would never like that type of relationship - I'm pretty sure none of the girls I know would either.
    So, please tone the stereotypes down?
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    Girl Handbook
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    I'm so glad you said something because if we all didn't have our opinions, wed be all the same. And that's just not who I am. I'd hate an Edward and Bella relationship. I'm more of the Bonnie and Clyde, Antony and Cleopatra, Hazel and Augustus type of girl. Question: do you know every single girl in the world? I'd guess not. Which is why a stereotype stands the ground for the majority of us as a whole. I made this book in hopes of helping those who aren't like me and don't have someone to go to and ask for advice. I made this book hoping to put out some type of guideline for those who don't know how to be the inner girl they are. And if I was to tone down myself for you I'd be falling into every other stereotype and that is not who I am. And there is only one thing that makes us all the same. That we are human. And we make mistakes and we are emotional beautiful creatures and rather you are emotional or not I know deep down that there is at least one chapter in this book that applys to you. And I'm aware it can be towards both genders, but the name of this book is GIRL Handbook. I'm sorry if this book affends who you are but I'm not changing any of it. And I truelly admire you for sticking up for what you believe in.
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    That was actually one of the nicest responses to me sharing my opinion on the internet - so thanks.
    But mostly the stereotypes you have stated are based on younger women of first world countries, even then there is diversity between girls. The reason I was mostly offended is because I feel like living proof.
    Most peoples personalities are based on how they were raised, who they were raised by, country, culture,status, history etc. There are also differences concerning sexuality, and gender identity. So in theory, considering all 4.5 billion females, I think this stands (your stereotype) for roughly less than ten percent. Perhaps less than five.
    So for that five, ten, or whatever percent, this movella is actually very helpful. I mostly agree with what you've said, I just wanted to point out that there is far more diversity between humans two types; boy and girl. The complexity of humanity stretches further than that. But thanks anyway.
    4 years ago
    I totally agree! Thought the same thing all throughout the crush section
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