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Im on here again after so long and I'm writing better than ever. Updating slowly but if your in a rush, go to my wattpad @_lilpenguin_

I'll let you know when I update on here.

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    mumbled "I'm back......again"

    Sup peeps. Im back once again with a new story. It's called Disconnected - Luke Hemmings AU.

    The first chapter is up. Message me back. Comment if you want more.
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    mumbled "Alrightyyyy.."

    HEYYOOO My Fellow readers and writers.

    I'm sorry for all the confusion but I'm organizing things now.

    So as you know, I am going to be re-writing my precious Austin Mahone fanfiction. But instead of having it renamed Reckless Im changing it to.....

    'Broken Promises' and 'What hurts the Most"

    Since this story has two parts in the original, Im making it a sequel. And Ive already got it written but i double check it and make sure there is no errors or mistakes before I post it.

    And I will also be fixing my I Finally Found You trilogy into the "Something Great Series" trilogy. If you look up the Lyrics to 1D's something great you'll find the names and if you can guess them, you will be in the trilogy or in one of my future stories on Wattpad or Movellas...I'll let you know if you win.

    Three titles to Something Great.....
    The letter I
    What does a actor read?
    The letter P.
    4 years ago
    And if you find out....put an 'ed' at the end.
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    mumbled "Photography?!?"

    So, at this exact moment as you read this, I am in my Photography class. And I am bored. At the beginning of the year, I thought that the class was just gonna involve us taking pictures and learning as we go. NOPE. Being the idiot I am, this class involves us taking notes, photo-shop (I already know how to photo-shop. Please don't ask), and other things. I am failing and I have 6 weeks to raise my grade. School sucks bum!
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