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    for everyone who enjoyed reading my "Moon Girl" stories -- I'm rewriting it and creating a whole new series. without Twilight.
    So...if you want to check it out...it's on my profile!
    The prologue and first small chapter are up!
    Cannot wait. You are seriously one of the best Movellas authors I know. Would you mind taking a look at one of my Twilight stories when they come out? I'd give it about a month but I will let you know. Cheers,
    A.A <3 xxx
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    mumbled "bad writer? "

    5 years agoReply
    So why do I see everyone being super fast with writing posting a new chapter almost everyday and can't I do the same?

    makes me feel a bad writer...):

    Anyone tips on how to be faster?
    5 years ago
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    I always just assume that those people have a hell lot of time :P Don't worry, it's quality over quantity XD Period.
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    mumbled "Two New chapters 4 Thunder Strikes!"

    5 years agoReply
    I've been out of writing for quite while! But....i'm getting back here and trying to post at least something!
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