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Hello, my name is Melissa but call me Meli or Mel. I lived in the place, which is in England, London. (Not telling you which part of London.)

Also not telling you my age, some of you knew my age.

I do like the music:
K-Pop - Got7, BTS, etc...
Punk Pop

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*The stories.


Complete story:
Nerd Makeover
I'm Adopted??
Living with 1 Direction
Meet... One Direction!!
Best Friend

If you think you are not a good writer, then don't even thinking about that...

Because if you do it, then your writing is going to be low...
I think you are a good writer!

S-Soft personal
S-Silence girl
A-An Amazing of my friends


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  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "What happened to The Wars 2?! :D"

    I published it from two days ago and I forget to mention this to all of you. I was hoping that'll be enough for dramatical scenes and it's Kai from EXO! Ooh! Kai and Sehun had been caught by the News and I hope you enjoy that story?

    The Wars (BTS Vs GOT7 Vs EXO)Jackson Wang from GOT7. Park Jimin from BTS. Kai from EXO. A pretty and wealthy girl, Erika, who is born in America and raised in LA. She got adopted...

    Next one will be Jimin's POV!

    So stay tuned!

    - Meli
    8 hours ago
    oOhH! exCited!
  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Hi! It's me again, ask you a favour to make me a banner.
    Here is it
    Title: The Wars
    Chapter: Chapter 5
    Themes: I want Kai (from EXO) in the corner with Sehun (also from EXO) with their shocked face.

    Thank you and take your time!
    Zireee and trbl.'s Banner Collection
    Zireee and trbl.'s...
    Here are some banners that we've have either made for ourselves or for others. Please, enjoy! xoxo -Zireee
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    It's okay! It looks perfect!
    3 days ago
    wait is it actually showing the banner i made for you or is it showing a different one?
    Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo
    Its actually what You showing the banner you made.
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