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Hi i am a pastel goth girl.
Love kpop and EXO alias:DO kyung soo<3
I am a latina author lol i wanna be one in the future.
wish to visit korea or japan one day.
big fan of anime and manga comic.
music all kinds
books funny,supernatural,love.

Book Covers not free

by , Tuesday September 20, 2016
 Book Covers not free


Okay so lately I been bored for too long and I love being creative so I just want to help some people who don't know how to have their own perfect book cover and I love making them so I am here for you. I do collages,blending and so much more. Not free the prices are $5,$7,$10.

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  • Pink Pastel
    2 years agoReply
    Cool!*-* Thanks for your Vote!
    *Sing & Dance Wars*
    *Sing & Dance Wars...
    This is kinda like a book of polls. I will show great singers, dancers, and groups from all around the world. In a revolution war of whose the best and most loved. IN A VS of whose better. I will...
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