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    mumbled "self harm"

    I saw it shining from afar
    it glistens in the moonlight
    it glistens in the sunlight

    It calls to me
    every minute
    every hour
    every day

    The temptation is too strong
    for me to stop
    so I cut to releve the pain

    The blood runs down my arm
    then I relaise i have to hide again
    I have to hide from all my friends

    This causes more pain again
    so tomorrow I cut to feel at peace agin.

    But every time i have to hide
    as they don't understand
    why i do it each and every day.

    So It calls to me
    every minute
    every hour
    every day

    I just wish all the pain would go away.
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    More please!!!
    Street Corner.
    Street Corner.
    Our song, Our Street. The place we met. The place where I would sit when your not here with me. The first place I would look for you. Although that, your never there. I Don't think you remember any more.
  • _.arerreh.l.11._
    Add the next chapter please!!!
    Adopted (1D FanFic)
    Adopted (1D FanFic...
    Alexa (Lex/Lexi) has been in the orphange for round about 5 years now. She's 14. When she finds out she's getting adopted, she's happy, nervous, scared, but what happens when it turns out it's One Direction...
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