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My name is Amanda Jo Mix. My best friends are Justice and Rudee.(: I enjoy reading, sometimes! I love to play sports, be outside, listening to music, and hang out with friends(: I love meeting new people, so hit me up if you have any questions(:

  • mandaa pandaa
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    Oh my god! I fricken love this story! It actually made me emotional in some parts! Please update!
    Heartbreak Girl [L. Hemmings]
    Heartbreak Girl...
    "This is exactly what I knew would happen, and that's exactly why I hid it from him." Sequel up soon!
    5 years ago
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    Thank you! I'm getting ready to update a new chapter now!
  • mandaa pandaa
    Please update soon! It's really interesting and I would like to know what happens next.. Keep going with this story you're doing really good!!
    After School
    After School
    It's all about studies and grades to nerdy Caroline Linchwood, but after school, her glasses come off and her hair comes down. Outside of school, she is a rock star who plays at local pubs and other stage...
    Sapphire Darkstar
    Omg Thank You!! I'll be updating today. (:
    mandaa pandaa
    5 years ago
    You def have to keep going!! It is getting even better now that she has to go out with him!!
    Sapphire Darkstar
    Alright. I'll be starting more in a minute! (:
  • mandaa pandaa
    Oh my lord!! You need to update!! Im in love!!
    “You got a text, text, text,” my phone chirps. I slowly pick it up, and look at the new message, expecting it to be one of my friends. Halfheartedly glancing it over, I exit messages and go back to watching...
  • mandaa pandaa

    mumbled "Five Fags."

    Will someone please tell me why everything is about one direction on here? Like forreal getta life. One direction is just five fags that walk in a line and try and sing with their little girly voices. This world is a shame.
    7 years ago
    Eh, there's some good stories if you know where to look.

    PS- Love the title
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