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malik girl here i like imagines and reading fanfiction especially anything that has to do with one direction they are like my babies and i love them with all my heart i like liam because he is beautiful and amazing and i like nialler because he is just gorgeous and i like harry because of his perfect curls and face and i like louis because he is so hot and he is so talented but lol they are all talented what a stupid thing to say so hummm who am i miss ahhahahahaha just kidding i know that its zayn he is so perfect i love his everything it is safe to say that i love everything about him him him and ahhaha that was a joke see only real directioners would understand that joke do you know how many rs there are or what jimmy protested if no then get out you are not welcome on page cos you are a directionator seriously at least google it and pretend to be a real fan honestly i like payzer and elounor and zerrie and namy and haylor except now i am soo sosoos ososos sad because haylor broke up and harry and taylor are like my idols so now i am going to go cry expect some amazing fanfiction coming your way really soon i am currently working on something amazing you will not be disappointed i pinky promise i love everyone have a great day i like you a lot now smile for me babe your beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) <3 xoxoxo