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I love one direction so much! I went to see them on July 6 of 2013! My husband is Zayn <3 haha well I wish. I have a boyfriend we've been dating since 2/10/12! I'm 15 and in high school! Love anything creative!

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    mumbled "Sorry"

    Hey I wanted to say sorry I haven't been updated I just can't find the motivation anymore to write and edit and upload. I'm trying to get school done, and keep a social life, on top of getting a job soon. I have a draft for chapter 7 and I'll try to finish this story but idk when I'll post next. Thanks for reading <3
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    mumbled "IM BACK! kinda...."

    IM SO SORRY I HAVENT UPDATED! No wifi, haven't been at my nannys, then went on a surprise vaction, and now I typed it all up on one site but it wont let me copy and paste here D: I promis to upload soon <3
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    mumbled "Set Back"

    Okay.. So thursday im going to my dads until the 15. I dont have wifi there unless Im at my grandmothers. I'll try to write as much as possible and Upload as soon as I can. I would already have another chapter for you guys... but things are difficult at my house.
    Talk to you guys soon <3
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    mumbled "Tuxes, and Planetary Dinners!"

    Welp. Chapter three is up ;D tell me what you think! Have any prediction? any hopes for the wedding or even Niall/Gillians relationship? Let meh knooow :3

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