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Everybody wants to fit in, everybody wants to find someone special, and marry there prince charming, an you know what i envy those people cause although i have a ton of friends, and go to all the cool parties, i feel completely and utterly alone. I felt this way for a while until Justin came along

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    mumbled "1: Lost "

    I have awesome friends, and a great family, and go to all the parties and get away with drinking and smoking weed, and everyone's nice to me, so why do I feel so lost, lonely.. so empty I mean I don't have a hard life, I live in a big house in Georgia and then the'res people with actual problems! kids who's parents beat them, or mentally abuse them, or even rape them or sexually abuse them. and i'm here feeling bad for myself, I hate it but I can't help it, I mean everybody sees the world as this big positive place and then there's me, I see it as nothing but a cruel depressing roundabout that has nothing to offer and occasionally pops your tires. do you honestly wanna see how I see my future, this is how I see my future.. I will go out of high school, and go to a well known college, not really knowing what I want for a job, then I will leave college and get a boring depressing job where you sit in a office all day in cubicles where know one talks to each other and there's no windows and the only light you have is the dense flickering lights attached to the ceiling, and then I will go home at the end of the day to a small apartment at 9:00 at night and sit in my apartment alone, and ill repeat this everyday of the year, until one year I will realize how depressing my life really is and I will kill myself. That how I see my future, that how I have seen it ever since I was 11.. and i think that's the actual most depressing part. That that's how I see it, but yet I don't try and change it, I just wait for it to happen.. I wont wait for it to happen anymore.
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