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Hi! I'm a third year university student, studying English Literature and Creative Writing. For years, my dream has been to become a published author and work as an editor.

I love reading most books provided they have a gripping plot, great characters and are well written. My ultimate favorite genre is historical fiction and most would say I am obsessed with King Arthur. Medieval fiction is number one. I also love fantasy and sci-fi. Amongst my favourite authors are Elizabeth Chadwick, Bernard Cornwell and Daphne du Maurier.

Music wise,I love heavy metal. I'm talking bands like Within Temptation, Nightwish, Disturbed, Delain, Amon Amarth etc.

I also have a blog, so if you're feeling nosy, check it out!

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    I feel a little like an ambiguous presence on here; some weeks I'll update furiously and then I'll go away for months. I've finally figured out my coping mechanism for my adult life (I graduated last year and now work full time in a pretty average job). Writing. As long as I know I can write, somehow I'm coping. I can run away, I can live in my own world and I can find something I WANT to do.

    That said, new chapter of awaken/The Glass Prison is up...sorry it's been a while. I am trying, promise...
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    So I'm finally handing in my notice at the bookshop where I work (it is with a heavy heart, I assure you) to move onto a full time role in August. It doesn't mean I can't stop loving books and writing though! Here's a look at my new book which I'm hoping to enter into a few competitions this year.

    Awaken is a YA fantasy that retells Sleeping Beauty with a few bits of Norse mythology thrown in. Sounds like your thing?

    The Glass PrisonSleeping Beauty isn't a girl this time...he's a boy. After Kayla discovers the secrets her parent's left behind, her quest begins to save not only herself,...
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    I really like the character's tone in this opening chapter - that is one of the things that most appeals to me, character. He seems very interesting and your writing allows us to see into his mind which is great. Going to read on with this one :)
    Echoes of Power
    Echoes of Power
    Since he was young Alexandre has had to deal with some strange things: voices popping in his head from time to time, a best friend not so normal and the strange atmosphere around Echo Valley, the town...
    10th Potemkin
    5 years ago
    Hey, thanks a lot for the comment! :D
    (It's the first one I receive so I'm a bit excited! :P)

    Could I know which chapter you are speaking about? I believe it's the prologue but I'm not sure...

    I'm very happy to learn that you find this story interesting, I really try to write the characters in an interesting way but it is not easy and I'm always afraid that they are not written that well... It's really nice to see that sometimes I do succeed a bit in doing so.

    I really hope that you will enjoy reading the rest of the story as you did with that chapter and thank you again for the comment! :)
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    I have (much to my shame) been of Movellas for a while and it's a shame because I absolutely love this site. I was luck enough to intern for these guys two summers ago and it was amazing. :) Since then I've been through university, graduated with a BA Hons in English Literature and Creative Writing and am now working in Waterstones. My time now is dedicated to working with books, reading books and starting to write them! I am also excited to get reading :)
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    mumbled "Author interview"

    I'm currently undertaking a placement as a publishing assistant.....

    So today I got to go to the heart of the countryside and interview a published author and talk to her about history and explore her 18th century house full of second hand books and bookcases....and I WANT TO DO THIS JOB ALL MY LIFE.
    Victoria Raven
    5 years ago
    That's awesome!!! You lucky thing!!
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