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♥96% of teens won't stand up for God. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 4% that will♥

Hey I'm Madelyn and I am AWFUL in writing on my profile! Lol.... Okay, so I <3 all you little carrots!!
P.S. If you couldn't tell by my username or profile pic...

  • Maddy_ Tomlinson
    Can you please update asap!
    The Bad Girl and The Good Boy
    The Bad Girl and...
    She is the bad girl. Mean. Sarcastic. Tattoos. Piercings. Ripped jeans. Bad grades. Disruptive. That's how one would describe Annalisa Evans. He is the good boy. Quiet. Used. Walked over. Four eyes....
  • Maddy_ Tomlinson
    Can you please update?
    Him. Her. Us.
    Him. Her. Us.
    Life is anything but ordinary for 16 year old Elle. Her mom died when she was 6 and her dad ran away with her math teacher. Everything seems to be going okay. Until she meets three boys.. Tucker, Holden,...
  • Maddy_ Tomlinson

    mumbled "The First Chapter of... Sometimes dreams DO become Reality!!!!"

    Ok, so I just published the first chaper of this book ^^^!! Hope you all like it! I put in a lot of effort!!!
  • Maddy_ Tomlinson
    #weneedlouelle !!!!
    My Drama Teacher
    My Drama Teacher
    A new state. A new school. New teacher. Mr.Tomlinson is possibly the worst yet best things that happened to twenty year old Brielle. His sea foam eyes, perfectly tanned skin and chocolate hair. Is Brielle...
  • Maddy_ Tomlinson
    Please update! I love all the ideas that you have for this story!! :)
    I Bullied Who ?
    I Bullied Who ?
    Hello My Name Is Skylar Styles. I am 16 yrs old. Harry Styles is my over-protective big brother he loves me till death But he bullies me in school physically and mentally. Surprised? I disguise myself...
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