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I am MaddieCream32 and I love to write books! I also love to draw and I love to be with friends and family!

The God of Mischeif Loki Layufesson

by , Monday April 23, 2018
The God of Mischeif Loki Layufesson

Loki Layufesson the God of Mischeif

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  • MaddieCream32
    10 months agoReply
    Oh BTW Tamera's past (MY OC) is WAYYYYYYYYYYYY different

    If you want me to redo this book or make other kind let me know

    I might redo it TBH 0.0
    Real or a Dream
    Real or a Dream
    So the reason I am doing this story is to my friends and fans! I have read stories from other book sites like this ans thought it be cool to do! This one is when Me (Madalyn Reynolds) gets transported...
  • MaddieCream32

    mumbled "Writers Block"

    11 months agoReply
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    I am in a HUGE Writers Block right now. That is why I haven't been updating any of my books at the moment and I am sooo sorry. Instead of getting ideas on any of my books I am getting new ideas for new books -.- thank you creative mind who cant think of anything for my old books. IF you are one of my readers waiting for a new chapter please give me ideas on here or go to my weebly page
  • MaddieCream32
    katsu dragonov's name is now Morgan

    Emobish had to many Katsu's so he switched his name to Morgan

    Morgan and Erza still had a ship called Morza
    Fairy Tail: Burn In My Heart
    Fairy Tail: Burn...
    There are two Dragon Slayers who want to be the strongest. Katsu Draganov and Ayato Shu. They both join Fairy Tail, but at different times. They both face different and similar challenges. (Ayato will...
    1 years ago
    yeah im happy ur back
    Little Miss Author
    1 years ago
    no prob
  • MaddieCream32

    mumbled "Cry for Adventure"

    If you ever played Final Fantasy X-2 and like me listen up please.

    I made this characters one time and made a title for a book but not a story but here it is, based a little bit off X-2 (Special Thanks to Square Enix Co., Ltd. I have an amazing idea! I will be trying to make a book! It will have many similarities to X-2 but also my own ideas. Please if you think this is a good idea comment down below or go to my page https://maddiecream32ishere.weebly.com
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